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What a crazy week!!! I found an apartment (hooray!), moved into said apartment, and started classes. Whew!

So far, classes in France are a lot like my undergraduate classes were. This is because, for them, law school is an undergraduate major. So it’s a huge lecture hall where the professors talk at the students for an hour and half and the students transcribe every word the professors say in paragraph form. Needless to say, I am getting notes from my new-found French friends. Their notes are flawless transcriptions of the class! It’s amazing! My notes are sparse. Just listening, I can understand 50-80% of what the professors are saying (except for one professor, who speaks very quickly and has a naturally soft voice). But when I try to take notes and I start writing, things go south quickly. My French is not good enough to listen and write at the same time. I write, then I start to listen again, and I’m completely lost for a minute because I’ve missed some critical piece of information while I was writing. So I try to take some notes, but mostly I try to listen and rely on my extremely kind French classmates for notes.

Overall, the week was spent organizing the apartment (have I mentioned that I have the greatest apartment in all of Paris? it’s perfect.), going to classes, and fighting with the administration to get properly registered. But on Wednesday, I had some retail fun.

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. However, for most of us mere earthlings (especially those of us on student-sized budgets), the clothes are EXPENSIVE!!!!! The whole city is one big shopping-tease. You look into window after window of the most gorgeous, unique, outrageous, elegant, stylish clothes, and then you look at the little price marker next to them and your heart misses a beat. You don’t even bother converting the euros into dollars, because that would just make it worse.

Other than H&M and Zara, my only Paris fashion experiences had been the sort of lèche-vitrine (“window-licking,” or what we refer to as window-shopping) I’ve just described. But this week I discovered Paris’s dépôt-ventes. They are second-hand luxury fashion stores where you can buy the most exclusive brands at a fraction of the price! Now, sometimes a fraction of the price is still a high number, but in general you can find affordable couture. I was thrilled to find Chercheminippes in the 6th arrondissement. I bought some fantastic new (to me) designer clothes and I didn’t break the bank. It was great.

I promised to increase the multimedia-to-text ration on the blog, so I will take my camera for some outings this weekend. I haven’t forgotten. I’ve just been at home or school most of the week. Neither occasion merited camera-use.

Happy Friday everyone! Bon week-end!